Friday, January 2, 2009

Sometimes It's Hard to Let Pieces Go!

I've sold some of my favorite pieces in the past couple of weeks, and when I look at them on my website, I am struck by the struggle I feel sometimes letting go. It's almost like I want to sell what I don't like too much and keep the rest so that I can continue to look at them. It's funny - in a previous life I was an antique dealer. I would go to swap meets, garage sales, auctions to buy merchandise. Very often I would find something and think "I need to keep that for me!" So home it would go and I would keep it for a bit of time, but I always reached a point where I could let it go and then it would go to my shop. It doesn't work the same with jewelry - for one, I don't keep pieces out so I don't regularly see them. Also, I tend not to wear jewelry that I've made to sell and I don't live much of a life outside of my studio so I rarely wear much jewelry anyway. I don't know if others struggle with this also - doesn't seem to talked about much on the email lists I am on that are beading related but I can't imagine I'm the only one? I have some stores that take jewelry on consignment. I actually caught myself once or twice sending off pieces I wasn't attached to and keeping the others here. It's funny when I catch myself doing that because the bottom line is that this is a business and I need to sell in order to survive. Once I realized what I was doing I would push myself to send some of my favorites. Of course just because I love a piece doesn't mean others will. I've learned over time that folks have different tastes than me and often like or want pieces that I am not that drawn to. That's what keeps it all interesting. So I've posted a few of my more recent favorite pieces that have sold.

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  1. It's like letting your children out into the world. You prepared them for it but it's not easy to do.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, it made me laugh and laugh, 7 scarves and 4 pairs of gloves...TOO FUNNY!!!!