Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh the cold

It is true that my ability to handle the cold has changed dramatically as I've aged. I used to consider myself a hardy woman who could handle pretty much anything. No longer. The cold seems to settle in my bones. My studio used to be a three seasoned porch and it has little insulation and only a layer of linoleum on a concrete floor. Even with the fireplace it has been too cold to work. It has made it difficult to get back to beading after the holidays. Today I did some resizing for folks and made a pair of earrings for a woman who wants gold filled earrings which isn't something I usually do. But the creative juices aren't flowing. I am asking people to sign up for my email newsletter on my website. I am offering giveaways, the first one will be February 1. I've decided that I will make something new and special for the first one. I have lots of ideas floating around and will begin working on it once the weather warms up a bit. It is supposed to get warmer during the week. Funny to think of temperature in the 20's to be warm. My dogs have a hard time outside because their feet freeze. Eddie, my baby, can't walk once his feet get cold and I need to go get him. Good thing we can keep them in a small area in the backyard - if I had to make it to the backend of the yard I would be sliding down the hill. I am posting pictures of the two dogs for those who love dogs. Eddie is a Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix and a rescue with lots of weird quirks. Diesel is a pure breed Tibetan Spaniel and he is supposed to be able to handle 40 below temperature without freezing. Not true! I have always had large dogs and I used to be disdainful of small dogs. Now that I have these two, I can't imagine my life without them. Yes, they bark too much, demand attention sometimes when I want quiet, etc. But they bring so much joy and unwavering love - my life is fuller because they are in it.


  1. Without a doubt, dogs enhance our life. Even on my most dismal days, my dogs make me laugh...and when I laugh, my muse tends to kick-in and I can paint again....

    As for this ridiculous cold snap we're experiencing, maybe we humans tend to go into "survival mode" when the weather is this brutal. I can't make art when I'm busy jumping up and down, just to stay warm.....

  2. I feel the value of cats should be mentioned! LOL they don't bark either... I am for sure feeling the winter cold this year too! I feel your creative mojo will return very soon!

  3. Since you don't have a dog large enough to snuggle your feet into to keep warm (my chow chow was a great foot-warmer!) then try an electric warming pad for a small dog's bed. I have one under my worktable to keep my feet from turning to blocks of ice in the studio in winter.
    Here in New Zealand, houses are both uninsulated and unheated, so we have to find creative ways to stay warm!