Monday, January 19, 2009

Can You Tell I Haven't Been Producing?

I noticed (even though I've tried not to!) that I haven't posted any new jewelry for quite some time. Seem to be blocked, or at least slowly returning from two very busy months. Rather than give myself a hard time for not producing, I've decided it's okay to work on the "behind the scenes" aspects of this business. Therefore I've been working on the website, chatting on my groups about blogs, twitter, and how to be more visible in the world wide web, and fixing pieces for others. I am having a giveaway on February 1st and am planning what to make for this. Should be fun. But, given that I am not producing much - I am very aware of the changes in the weather here in New England. Yesterday it snowed, today the sun is out and it's 30 degrees - absolutely balmy. We had a piece of snow hang off our deck that seemed amazing so I took some photos. Once I was taking photographs, I took a few of our mountain that I see out of my living room window - Mt. Tom - which is part of the Holyoke Range. I'm in love with my mountain, even though it's pretty small. Elaine calls it Mt. Terry, which makes me smile.

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  1. First, I love the snow -- I can't help it. We haven't have much of any for years.

    Second, I'm right with you on not producing. Sigh. But I'm assuming it comes back, right?