Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Great Things are Happening

I have known for a couple of weeks, but was not allowed to tell folks - but now I can. I am going to be a grandmother! My daughter and her boyfriend are having a baby - she is just under 11 weeks along. How absolutely amazing this is for me and Elaine. We both feel so blessed, it's difficult to put into words. And.....she's asked that I be her birthing coach. I felt like my heart was going to burst when she asked. 2008 has been such a difficult year for me in so many ways, but 2009 is looking much better. I was in a craft show a couple of weeks ago and every time I went to look at other people's work, I found myself drawn to baby clothes - especially little booties. They are so cute. I have to boost my sales a lot to cover the cost of keeping this little kiddie garbed - especially OsKosh jeans and tie-dyed t-shirts. Happy New Year everybody.

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  1. Happy New Year and congrats on the grandbaby. My favourite kids things are shoes, buy lots of shoes!