Thursday, January 8, 2009

Studio Life

Today was to be the day I started working in my studio again. I've spent the past two weeks fiddling with my website, adding items to Etsy, and trying to better organize the tons of beads and supplies that I have in my studio. Well, it seems that it's not to be. I have gotten caught up in Twitter, reading others' blogs, and generally finding any excuse not to sit down and get focused. So instead, I've taken pictures of my website to show you all how I organize my beading world. Given that I live in the cold Northeast, you can see that I have both a working fireplace and a plug-in heater to try and stay warm. My studio used to be a three-season porch and the floor under the linoleum is concrete. When it is cold outside, as it has been for the past two weeks, my studio is so cold my feet never warm up. Elaine and I talk about moving somewhere warmer, but it's just talk. Both of us love it here and it does warm up - eventually. I am thinking of starting to sell beading supplies through Etsy. I have so much stock - have had many fantasies about opening a bead store - but you all know how well they all seem to be doing! I just need to start doing it instead of thinking ABOUT doing it. If I can take pictures of my studio, I surely can take pictures of my overstock. Doesn't seem quite the same though. If my creative block continues I will seriously need to think of other ways to bring in some cash. My daughter is coming over tonight for dinner and usually when she is here I get motivated. I think sometimes my blocks are connected to working alone all the time. There is something to be said for working with others. I am planning on linking up with a couple of new women in this area - one who has been a beader for many years, and another who is a polymer clay artist who recently moved back to New England from the south. She has been instrumental in starting a Polymer Clay Guild in this area. Isolation is a funny thing. On the one hand I love working alone at home, but at times the isolation is too extreme. Reminds me of being a psychotherapist in private practice, alone in my office without social contact. I didn't really like it there either, especially after the first two years. Oh yes, and how could I forget to say that my computer is in the shop needing a replacement video card. I haven't had my iMac since Monday and I feel lost. It's the first thing I see when I go into the studio - the space where my iMac should be. I listen to music all the time when I am working and of course my music is on my computer. I am a music junkie and have a hard time living without it.


  1. These photos are wonderful

  2. The photos of your studio are beautiful...

    You know, I have the same problem when it comes to working. I'll set-up my canvas, put on some music, get everything ready, and then decide to walk the dogs. Or do the dishes. It's SO damn hard to JUST GET STARTED.

    And yet, once I start painting, it's heaven.

    It's the "getting started" part that gives me grief.

    I suspect many artists struggle with the same thing....

  3. The photos of your studio are great -- it is such a warm and welcoming space. I am in awe of your artistic abilities and ability to commit. Since I am so "un-artistic", I'm guessing I have had a lifelong artist block. Yours is only temporary. Your "muse" will return.

  4. I am now inspired to go clean my
    Oh my, you have more than I could ever wish for. Wonderful setup, if only I could hire you to stop by and setup my studio like yours.
    Isn't plastic the best thing since sliced bread. I use it too!