Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, today is my birthday. They are not as much fun as they used to be. Instead of being a time of celebration they have become a time to be aware of losses. Having lost my brother and my mother within the last four years, I find myself hyper-aware of no birthday card or wishes from either of them, and they were both 100% consistent with sending best wishes and letting me know that I was loved. So I thought early this morning once Elaine left for work that I would spend the day moping about. Luckily that didn't happen. I received numerous phone calls from friends and family, was able to focus on getting my paperwork in order for my meeting tomorrow with my law student interns who are going to help me with business incorporation and registration, and generally enjoying the day. It was a Bob Dylan day. I love Dylan and can listen to his music for hours on end. I also spoke with a woman who had sought me out at a craft fair, having seen my jewelry in a local pagan shop. She is a long-time jewelry maker who moved to Easthampton from New Jersey. We hit it off, having similar views about jewelry making, sharing information and ideas, and the need for beads..... We are going to get together next Monday to talk about the possibility of forming a Beading Society in this area. There are a lot of artists in the Happy Valley, but I don't believe there is a beading society. Surprising. It will be an interesting undertaking if we choose to move ahead with it. Just to have someone to talk beads with, work with, possibly do shows with, is wonderful. I am so isolated here in my studio, even though I choose it and love it. When the possibility came to work closer with someone else - yeah - I jumped at the chance. I guess the isolation gets to me some of the time. Plus she makes me laugh. So my prediction for me, now that I have reached 58, is that this is going to be an interesting year - as a new grandmother, with a new president, work challenges, and growth. I embrace it!


  1. Happy Birthday, Terry! Isn't amazing when we plan to feel sorry for ourselves, we can't! LOL Hope you had a great day!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I can't wait to see you Thursday when we get to celebrate your b-day! I am glad that Bob took care of you today! I love you....Winde

  3. A very happy birthday! I find bdays difficult as well, I hate occasions that cause me to reflect.
    And thank you for sharing your 7 wonders in my blog comments. I am from Montreal and the Laurentian mountains and yet I cannot take cold anymore, too many years in the heat. I don't even like extreme heat but I can't seem to get away from it. I often wear sweaters all year long indoors (must that blast that air conditioning???)