Monday, December 22, 2008

Digging Out from Under

I think we got 18" of snow. It is so gorgeous outside (of course I can say that because I am inside) so much snow, my backyard looks like a winter wonderland. My little dog Eddie goes out and his legs freeze up and I have to go rescue him. Not fun being out there for either of us. I took advantage of the day indoors yesterday working on ways to photograph earrings for my website. I have felt that I was doing okay with photographing jewelry - but earrings never looked right. If I keep them lying down in my light box they seem flat, and standing them up never seemed to work well either. My website has been up for quite some time but no earrings for sale. Yesterday I put them on a black vase and it seems okay - but not great. It's a lot of work managing my website - between adding all the meta tags, writing descriptions, coming up with names for the jewelry, and photographing them all, it feels like I have a second job. Here are some of the earrings I shot:

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  1. That is a FANTASTIC way to photograph the earrings, Terry. They look gorgeous.

    And I LOVE the new necklaces, too. Each one is a work of art....