Friday, December 26, 2008

It's Nice Having a Break!

I had a great holiday this year, choosing to have a quiet day with Elaine, watching movies and eating foods I love, relaxing with no stress.  Our daughter was on call Christmas Day so we celebrated a week early.  The older I get the less I want to take part in the commercialism Christmas has become.  No gifts, no craziness, not once did I step into a store, avoiding the hectic pace.  In the past I used to love being apart of the chaotic experience, but no more.
I haven't been in my studio in three days, which is very unusual for me.  I let myself relax and found that I didn't feel pressured or guilty.  Typically it's difficult for me to "just sit around" and not be working on some aspect of my business.  I seem to work more hours on the business than I ever did when I had a "real" job.  I did sit with my laptop while watching movies, playing around with the website.  There was a momentary panic when I changed something in the template HTML code and my website became horribly wonky.  I panicked for some time before I realized I could use the back button to find the previous version of the code.  I know better than to fiddle with things without having a back-up.  Maybe I was too relaxed!
My next big project is going to be working on building an email list for better marketing, and sending out regular announcements - talking about jewelry parties, new items, giveaways, and classes etc..  I have really enjoyed teaching small groups of women how to make their own jewelry and I think it's a great way to get my name and product out.   I bring all the tools, findings and beads.  It becomes an intimate gathering, sharing stories, and having fun.  Of course there is always one or so who worries about "doing it right" or not catching on to the technique, but as the afternoon goes on people seem to worry less as they relax.  I sure identify with feeling awkward when learning something new.  It used to stop me from doing things I couldn't do well right away.  Another wonderful aspect of growing older, I no longer worry about it - it is what it is.

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