Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jewelry Party with a Twist!

Sheryl and I had a jewelry party at our house the other week. First time we have had one in our home. Usually we have a traveling road show and go to someone else’s home.

When my spouse Elaine came home from work and saw the house taken over by tables and sparklies – she said it was like walking in to Macy’s during the Christmas Season. There was nowhere to rest your eyes – every inch of the house was sparkling or dangling.

I loved hearing that. I love making people smile.

Whenever we do one of these parties it’s like the old line flashes back “suppose I give a party and no one comes”. Well, it didn’t happen this time. Our house quickly filled up with our friends, who came to shop, to eat, to schmooze and to hang out. Oh, they did lots of shopping and lots of eating, and it was so wonderful to see everyone so calm and just enjoying the evening. Of course, the highlight was our two year old grand-daughter taking folks by the hand and showing them where the “pretties” were. She was, without a doubt, our best salesperson. Who could resist that face of hers.

There was somehow a different feeling to this party. These were “our friends” and though I sometimes can feel I am being judged when people come to our booth at craft fairs to see the work, this time the feeling was stronger and yet somehow less. I know my friends, they will quickly tell me what they don’t like. None of that polite “oh, yeah, that’s pretty” and the walk away you get from some customers. These folks would let me know their opinions. And they did.

And the comments were positive, and they bought lots of things, and we had a great evening. It was exhausting setting it all up and doing the cleaning and the fussing and the cooking. We sat around the house the whole next day. I was pooped.

And I can’t wait to do it again.

Happy Holidays everyone! Terry

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