Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Season - New Direction

It appears that fall has finally arrived here in Massachusetts. Took it’s own sweet time getting here; we had some almost 90 degree days a week or so ago. And the leaves can’t decide whether to turn colors or just fall off the trees.

In the spirit of changing seasons, Sheryl and I have made up our minds to go with a new direction in our business. We are moving away from the large stones, and chunky jewelry, to our new love, which is freshwater pearls. All kinds, all colors, all shapes, all kinds of wrapping and styling. We are both captivated by the appearance and feel of the pearls and the colors are energizing. But for those who love are chunky, semi-precious stone necklaces, we aren't totally giving it up, so not to worry.

We recently sold a piece from the website which we both loved. It was called “Burgundy Lights”. The person buying it told us she loved the “chaos” of the design. Now, that’s not how I would have ever described it, but somehow it felt right. And it felt right that someone could see something very different in the piece than we saw. And I think that is the magic of pearls. They can be whatever you want them to be.

One of the questions though, is how do you move into a whole new direction in your craft and not become disloyal to those who have been your loyal customers all along. I guess we have decided to make some of the older designs for those who want them, but it is difficult as we seem to want to devote all our energy to the new direction. Should be interesting to see how it all fits together.

Such a dilemma!


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