Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Creativity Can Be So Elusive

My plan to write a blog entry each week has fallen flat. Seems difficult to come up with ideas - seems like I am better at one per month.

We are into 2012 and I haven't been in the studio for a month or so. I can't seem to find my creativity - it ran away and is hiding somewhere warm!.

Thought I would write about some of the changes happening in my life and maybe it will provide impetus for me to get upstairs to work..

The biggest event happening this year is that my daughter is pregnant and we will have another baby girl in our lives. That's so exciting for me and Elaine. Alya is now 2 1/2 and looking forward to having a little sister..

Sheryl and I have signed up for a wire-working course the end of January. I am wanting to learn a few new techniques, especially Viking Weave and how to create interesting sterling bezels. Should be a fun weekend for us..

Here is an example of the kind of weaving I am wanting to do. I wish I knew the artist's name but I don't:.


Finding the motivation to push myself to create is up there on my list of goals for 2012. We sold so much of our stock last year (which is a great thing) that we need to be producing to get ready for another busy season. I think last fall I got wiped out, was sick for a lot of it, and am still rebuilding my energy. It's easy to come up with excuses - the studio is so cold in the winter, my mind is blank, I have too much to do..

But in truth, I feel stuck and unable to motivate myself to get off my ass and work. I am hoping that writing this will help open the gates again..

In March Sheryl and I are taking a metal-smithing course, something we both have wanted to do for a long time..

Here is an image of a pendant style I would love to create. It was created by Adobe Sol Designs:.


So there is lots to look forward to..

I'm going upstairs now - wish me luck..



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  1. Good luck ...
    You can look at the forms around us, the leaves. Flowers, natural things, splinters of wood and rough rocks, scrap iron and old, all can reflect the look and creativity to shine. The inner core should also be calm, we can not create when we are concerned with some things bad. We can share ideas, write me. A hug right here in Brazil.