Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When The Muse Has Left the Building

You know, those days when you get up and you look at all your wonderful supplies and all the bright colors and all the silver and all the pendants and you go, Yuk. Nothing is coming to you, you’ve lost total enthusiasm, and creating something amazing has become a chore. Like mopping the kitchen floor.

Had one of those days a week or so ago. Only that day lasted for three. Just could not muster the creative energy. Creating beautiful pieces of jewelry became a “job”.

That day I was “children sitting” for a 5 year old girl and a 9 year old boy. They decided they wanted to make jewelry. Well, watching them sort through the beads, hold each and every one, turn them round and round in their little hands, rub them against their cheeks, listen to the sounds of them, there was Joy and Wonder and Amazement. They felt the magic I couldn’t find for myself.

They made their selections, they chose carefully, they strung them, took them apart, restrung them, chose a clasp, rejected that one, went for another. And each change brought wonder to their eyes.

I helped with the clasps and the crimps, but the pieces they finished were all theirs. And they smiled at each other and the laughed and they modeled their pieces and they were happy.

And the next morning, the Muse returned!



  1. Such a great post! My muse has scattered.

  2. both of these pieces are stunning- they will look beautiful around someone's neck. We all get inspiration from lots of different people- children are among the best. I love working with my kindergarten kids for that reason- they show you the world through their different lenses.
    Hope that you continue to be energized by your muse.

  3. Thanks Lori - possibly you need to spend time with Zack creating some pieces - if it worked for me, maybe it will work for you.

  4. I agree with you Anna, inspiration comes from so many sources - this one just tickled me. Thanks.