Monday, July 18, 2011

I Am An Artist

I don't know the types of creations you all make - jewelry, sculpture, photography, woodwork, quilting, painting - but is there some word that others use to describe your work that makes you want to scream?

For me - it's "stringer". I sometimes get called a bead stringer rather than a jewelry maker. That goes right to my little insecure head. Yes, I string beads - after I buy them, envision a piece, select a clasp, try one pendant then three more until it feels right, wire wrap, decide on a statement I want the piece to make, change the color scheme, adjust the length, re-vision the whole thing and then maybe I'm happy with it. Or maybe it goes in the pile of not quite ready.

I imagine for all creative people there is a little insecure spot. We are putting out souls into what we create and then putting it out there to be judged. Will they love my work? Will they think it's horrible? Will they think I'm off?

How can they not see and value the hours of thought and feeling and love that went into that piece. How can they not feel the joy I feel when I look at my work?

What's the word that cuts right to your insecure core?



  1. I love all three pieces - I am not even sure which one I like the best. They are all beautiful and unique and the owner is going to get many compliments on each fabulous piece.
    Thanks for sharing your talents.
    We all think others do better and make things that are gorgeous.
    I love the uniqueness of things made by hand. That is what makes them special.
    I guess the word I like the least is ordinary.
    You don't have to worry about that - you do extraordinary pieces.

  2. You are an artist. It takes a special eye, an artist's eye, to 'string' beads and gemmies in a fashion that speaks to one's soul.

  3. My hateful work is "just"... it can be used in so many ways that are not pleasant like just a beginner, or just putting components together. The truth is that everyone is not able to "just" turn components into beautiful works of wearable art. So to all all my "just" buddies I say turn a deaf ear to the naysayers and keep on creating!!!