Monday, June 6, 2011


Synchronicity is an odd word, defined as two odd, unrelated events suddenly seeming related. I have had that happen several times in my life and it happened again this week.

By far, the hardest part of my business is marketing. And one of the most difficult parts of marketing is keeping up with my blog.

Earlier this week I was being hard on myself yet again about letting my blog become the lowest priority - right after organizing my Q-Tips. While killing valuable Q-Tip organizing time surfing the web, I came across a series of lectures and discussions about marketing and the newest theory that blogging and Facebook are the keys to a successful marketing strategy for small businesses.

Seems that bunches of folks now firmly believe, and they have the graphs and statistics to back up their beliefs that blogging is a very valuable tool - but that the blog must be on a regular schedule and timely in its content.

So I hereby vote to re-direct my thoughts and time to writing my blog.

So, see the synchronicity here? While out surfing to get away from the guilt of not blogging, the web redirects me back to my blog and gives me statistics (and I love stats) to prove I must not ignore my blog.

OK, I get it. A weekly blog. I get it!

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