Monday, June 27, 2011


The Joy of Creating!

How do you explain to someone the sheer joy you feel after taking a bunch of beads, some sterling wire and some findings and seeing that you have created something magical?

How do you convey the pride you feel seeing one of your creations bring a giant smile to someone's face? To the look of "Wow" you see in their eyes. That's joy!

Oh, I'm sure a painter feels it when they see their finished piece hanging on a wall - but for me it's the feel of the beads - the smoothness, the coolness of the stones, the textures of the rough pieces. Sometimes I can just run my hands through a bowl of beads of different sizes, textures and shapes and feel certain beads telling my fingers "pick me, pick me" and the finished piece takes shape in my head before I've picked another bead. That's joy.

I think what has always drawn me to beading is the number of components that go into making a piece. Pick the beads by texture, color, shape, weight. Pick the complementary colors, the shapes of the spacers that highlight without distracting, the sterling silver wire and beads that complement, and the clasp that adds beauty without overpowering everything else. Finding a balance that's almost mathematical.

The joy of creating! It is Magic.



  1. LOVE the earrings -- remind me of the sea -- and that necklace! I have a piece like the middle part, and I made something for MYSELF with it because I just couldn't part with it!

  2. Thanks Lori, I must admit I almost kept the necklace for myself. But when I think about it, I have more jewelry than I can wear.....

  3. Love, love, love, the Ancient Ruin Glass in these earrings! They make such a great statement piece.

    I love to work with wire and both the beautiful earrings and stunner necklace have lots of it...

  4. I think the necklace is absolutely stunning- such a wonderful way to combine silver and two of my favorite stones- rose quartz and amethyst. You did a beautiful job of it.
    Warmest regards,