Monday, February 21, 2011

Winter Enchantment!

It's almost the end of February and clearly it has been a difficult winter for most of the country. At least those of us in New England are used to lots of snow and cold and we are supposedly a "hardy" bunch. I haven't felt all that hardy this winter. One thing that I've noticed is that I haven't felt all that creative, which throws me off balance. And feeling balanced is important to me. As a result I've felt "out of sorts".

So having Artbeads approach us for another blogging event couldn't have come at a better time. The theme for this event is "Winter Enchantment" and Sheryl and I talked for a long time about what we might like to do to represent how we feel about winter and where we draw our inspiration.

Funny that both of us decided on pearls, given that pearls would likely not be a typical choice to represent Winter. I guess our ambivalence shows! A bit of winter, a bit of summer - seemed right for us.

Once we started to look at all the freshwater pearls on the Artbead's website, we knew we had made the right choice. We chose Biwa Pearls and Head Drilled Nugget Pearls from the website.

We used these two beautiful strands of freshwater pearls from Artbeads and added Rhodochrosite and Quartz Crystal beads to make a multi-strand necklace that highlights both the muted colors of winter, the sparkle of fresh ice hanging from the trees, and the longing for the warmth of the sea. And as is our way, earrings are a must to match.

We hope you like what we've created.


Disclaimer: sometimes sends us products to review on this blog. We are free to choose from designated beads/findings and are free to make whatever we choose. We do not receive any compensation from Artbeads and we are expected to review their products honestly.

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  1. What an amazing necklace. Would look great on me. Reminds me offire and ice.