Friday, February 18, 2011


I find myself sitting at the computer attempting to write about my family, my father Lou, mother Beatrice, and brother Gary, all of whom are gone. Try as I may to write, I keep discarding the copy - nothing seems right. I can write about how important each of them was in my life, how much I miss them, how sad I can get when I realize there are very few people in my world "who knew me when".....Nothing I seem to write does it for me.

So instead I am going to provide a pictorial story of my family - hopefully their essence will shine through. I tried to put the photographs in order of date, but on some I am guessing. I wish I had more photographs of my father when he was a child, but I don't seem to have any.

For Beatrice (1925-2007); Gary (1945-2005); and Lou (1918-1983). You are loved and missed.

Elaine & Terry Spier-Kalmar

Our Daughter Winde and Granddaughter Alya

Our niece Lindsay and Alya

Our cutie granddaughter, Alya

Life continues. New family, new joy!


  1. What a lovely looking family. I understand the feeling of no one knowing the you you were over time. The same is true for me. Makes me feel old. You are fortunate to have a daughter and granddaughter.


  2. What a gorgeous family - thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

  3. I am sitting with tears flowing down my face as I "read" the pictures. Very touching
    We are here on borrowed time. Life is so short.

    Love ya,