Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Changes, Changes, Changes

Seems like forever since I posted. I am in the midst of some major changes, and am taking the time to try and get through it all with as little freak-out as possible. So my apologies to those who check for new blog entries on a regular basis. My partner Elaine and I have decided to leave our house, where we have lived for the past 9 years, and move into an apartment. It is tough in this economy to run a house, especially when one of us (me!) is trying to make a living selling handmade jewelry. Things were fine until the economy tanked! So I am spending my time packing, and trying to get rid of a lot of things collected over the 9 years. I didn't realize how sentimental I truly am. I remember who gave me the little something I just can't part with, or the tons of books, cds and dvds I've collected. When my mother died in 2007 I kept all her china and it's been sitting in the basement ever since. It seems particularly difficult to sell her things, even the things I don't particularly like. I think I will need more time for that to happen. And then there is my studio......it's packed with beads, findings, boxes, tools and many other things I can't part with. "What if I need those tools for a future project?" is said over and over again in my head. We are going to have the movers come and give an estimate on packing and moving the studio so I won't have to deal with it. Plus it's being moved to the attic, which is a lovely finished room and will be perfect as a studio. Definitely needs to be moved by a mover who is young and strong! While this is going on I am still doing shows with Sheryl, and trying to create some new pieces. I'm in the midst of a very full life and can't wait for it to calm down. I'll be back!


  1. Goodluck with your move :-) It is so hard to part with our collected treasures, I have a dozen tea pots that were my mums too.

  2. Glad to know others struggled with this as well. With my mother it was china tea cups and fruit plates - there are so many. I'll likely keep moving it all until I'm ready to let go.