Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Fling Earrings

It is going to be 65 degrees in Western Massachusetts today - and likely 70 on Saturday. Spring is definitely in the air. Of course, living in New England, one knows that the weather changes quickly, and we could have snow next week....but for now the weather has been glorious. I am so ready for spring! As Sheryl and I get ready for the craft show season, we've been coming up with some new designs that we are very pleased with. These earrings are one of them.

As many of you know, Sheryl and I participate in Artbeads Blog for Beaders. Every couple of months or so we are given the opportunity to choose beads from different categories of beads and supplies on the Artbeads website to use in our creations. We then write an honest blog post on the process. Last time we made an amazing piece using a Murano Glass pendant that we chose from the Artbeads website. This time we chose Swarovski Crystals to use with some sterling silver chain we had to make some unique, funky earrings.

Whenever we work on the Artbeads creations together we get so excited and energized as we work together from beginning to end. We sit together at the computer deciding what components we want to look at, each of us picks beads we like and then we discuss how they would work in a piece. Once we've decided what we want to make, we send in our order and wait for the package to appear. Once it does, we are like two school girls let loose in a candy store. It really is a fun experience for us. Am i using the word "fun" too often? It best describes the process for us.

We love Swarovski Crystals, of which Artbeads has a great selection, and we especially love finding different combination's of color that we both like and find pleasing to the eye. Sheryl leans more toward Topaz, Golden Shadow colors, and I'm the blue and purple one. As you will see from the pictures the look is totally different in each pair of earrings because of the different color choices, even though the pieces are basically the same design.

Disclaimer: sometimes sends us products to review on this blog. We are free to choose from designated beads/findings and are free to make whatever we choose. We do not receive any compensation from Artbeads and we are expected to review their products honestly.


  1. So cute, Terry! I love it when you and Sheryl create pieces together - just as I love the ones you create separately, too!. Thanks for posting these beautiful pictures of the beautiful earrings!

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