Friday, April 3, 2009

Tax Time - Not My Favorite Yearly Activity

I was reading one of the blogs that I follow, and I had to chuckle. Tax time is stressful for everyone I think, but those of us who throw receipts in a box and go through them at tax time have a higher level of stress because there is so much to do to get it all organized. There is a certain level of panic I feel when I realize that time is short and I need to get focused and moving.

I think I got it together early this year. Today I went to pick up my taxes from the accountant - how's that - 11 days to spare. Next year will be different as I am starting to use Quickbooks. Anyone want to place a bet on whether or not I input my expenses and income on a regular basis????

I was glad to see that Alexia also wrote about tax time, and that she also struggles to get them done on time - I don't feel so alone :)


  1. Usually tax time is awful because I have to pay. This year due to a huge loss I am actually getting something back. I'll be writing off that loss for the rest of my life since you can only do it in tiny chunks. Unfortunately my accountant had my refund electronically filed and used a bank account that is closed for the direct deposit. Wonder how long it takes the IRS to resend a refund after it's been's always something.

  2. i'd rather get slapped in the face than do my taxes.

  3. I use Quickbooks SimpleStart and love it. It's a great way to do invoices and keep track of how much customers spend.

    But I still find myself waiting two or three months at a time to enter receipts!

  4. What is it about silly paper work that brings out hives in so many people ? Any time I have to work with "offical" documents, I get stressed out, from taxes to immigration crap to even crossing the border though I have done it a bazillion times after 9 years of back and forths ! Fear of getting in trouble for doing something wrong I think but a totally irrational one !
    Have to say though, I am so lucky, as my hubby is an accounting whiz. I am lucky enough to have a partner who actually likes keeping accounts in order and we (he!) had our taxes done in February ! The refund is already spent !
    I get the stress though! Congrats on beating the deadline and good luck with Quick books !