Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Logo - The Importance of Branding

I finally bit the bullet and hired a graphic designer (Allison Biggs, to design a logo for my business. I've used different elements over the years - some I liked, some not - and I finally came to understand the importance of "branding". What I mean by branding is that all the printed material I use from now on will have the same logo and colors, including business cards, earrings cards, sales tags, letterhead, and mailing labels. Allison did the blog header here, which I think looks amazing. I want it to be that my logo will appear on everything related to my business so that it will come to be recognized as Magical Beadstalk in and of itself.

I think that it's taken me five years to figure this out which seems like a very long time. I went from purchasing a template for my website which was very "cutesy" to having someone redesign it to make it look more polished and professional looking. That led to wanting to change my business card to match the site. Turns out the person who did the website disappeared and I didn't have access to her. So I played around with my limited ability in Photoshop to make decent business cards, but of course they didn't match anything.

Next was to tackle the banner on my Etsy site. I hired someone through Etsy who made a banner for me, which I loved, so then I hired her to design my business card as well. I found myself using the banner design, shrinking and stretching it as needed.

Brings me to today. Now I have a logo - based on the Bodhi Tree leaf, which is an image that speaks to me. I am planning on using this logo in everything I use from this point onward.

I am also planning on starting another business providing Reiki now that I've completed my training and have become a Reiki Master. I will use the same logo but in purple. How cool is that?

Here are some of the great designs:

Sunday, July 19, 2009

She's Here - Alia Mae Whitaker - My First Grandchild!

It's difficult to articulate the experience I had today helping my daughter deliver her first baby, and my first grandchild. In fact I cannot think of what to say, so hopefully the pictures will say it for me. These pictures of Alia May Whitaker were taken within the first two hours of her life.

It was an incredible day for all those there - Me and Elaine, Hashi (father), and Jayne (sister).


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time for a Break!

I seem to be on hold these days. I haven't created any jewelry in a week or two, nor have I updated my blog or website. Seems that I focused more on myself rather than my work.

I do go through periods of time when I'm super aware of my physical health, and the need to make some important changes. I've done different cleansings and fasts over the years so I guess it's not unusual that I am again feeling the need to cleanse. The reasons why are many - low energy, tire easily, joint aches, feeling bloated, etc. The list could go on. Maybe I'm just reacting to getting older....

So I've decided it's time to do a serious cleanse. I am off all food products that contain yeast, sugar, vinegar, all coffee and tea, no soda, no dairy. Sounds pretty frightening, doesn't it? Actually it's not so bad once I was through the first day. Seems that if I stay away from sugar I stop craving it. I love sugar......

I started this on Tuesday of this week and I must say I'm not feeling that great. I can feel the toxins leaving my body. But I know it will be great once I finish the first week. I've lost 6 pounds already. Weight loss is great but that's not my goal. I just want to feel better.

In my ideal life, I would stay away from foods with chemicals added - eating mostly fresh, raw foods. When life is busy that's difficult to do.

This is my wish for today - to stay mindful, focused and grounded with my goals.