Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - The End of an Era

What a difficult day. I have many fond memories about Michael Jackson, his music and his dancing. I remember dancing the night away to his music, watching his performances, music videos, etc. His talent was an amazing gift.

At the same time over the years, I've felt ambivalence given the many allegations about inappropriate relationships with young boys, his ever-changing body, how he hid his children from the media, and his erratic behavior.

I seem able to separate the man from the artist. I don't condone the behavior of the man. He seemed like a tortured soul to me and I am not really surprised that he is gone. The complexity of this man was beyond comprehension, which I guess is somewhat typical for the highly creative.

He changed the face of music and dance and I will miss him.

I feel compassion and am saddened. I suspect his death is drug-related and I hope that those responsible will be held accountable. Add him to the list of tortured souls who died with the help of their "helpers", or as I would say, their enablers - Elvis Presley and Anna Nicole Smith - both their deaths are traceable to prescriptions provided by their Doctors. And so many other artists have died from illegal drug overdoses - the talent lost is profound.


  1. Beautiful post!! I'll miss him too, and like you, the feeling I have today is a huge feeling of compassion!

  2. His music reverberates in my soul. His dance moves were so exciting. I remember seeing the first moonwalk, during the Motown special. I was blown away! A tortured soul, gentle and kind. So very sad.