Thursday, March 12, 2009

How I Know Spring is Coming!

It's cold here today in Western Massachusetts, not a surprise - but, the sun is out, it stays light until after 6:00 p.m. which says to me spring is a'coming. I can't wait to be able to put sandals on (no socks) and walk around with bare arms. I so love it when the winter ends and the flowers re-emerge from the earth. One of the other ways that tells me spring is coming is that I get the urge to buy bags - I love bags - at the moment I am very fond of the bags Tilt Creations makes and sells on Etsy ( One of the funny struggles in my life centers on whether I should wear leather or not, eat meat, or not, etc. Too many times I have gone "leather-free" and given away my bags and boots and shoes, and have bought cloth bags, Crocs, and other shoes I have found without leather. Works well for a while and then I seem to lose my resolve. So I've stopped giving away my leathered and non-leathered accessories, which means I've built up quite a collection. But if you are like me, there is never too many on my shelves! Theresa also has a blog. Check her out -


  1. I adore that first one you've selected. Very lovely and able to fit so much in!!!

  2. The sun staying out past 6pm so rocks!

    thanks for the bag love :) That green tote was one of my can hold like 3 beach towels! But I am getting ahead of's spring that is coming...not summer :P

  3. Those are really gorgeous, especially that second one (I'm all about blue.) I love bags too but since I pretty much carry luggage to work I try to resist, or indulge only at the thrift stores.

  4. hi Terry..
    so glad we popped in for a visit ..
    be back soon
    mona & the girls
    ps nice jewels.....

  5. See....Spring is coming......!! I love the second bag...! Very cool...!!! I'd definitely carry that around...!

  6. OMG -- the bags are wonderful. I have more handmade bags than you'd believe, but it appears I need more....