Friday, February 27, 2009

The World of Twitter

I am feeling engulfed by Twitter - it has become a staple of my day. I have updates appearing on my desktop computer and every few seconds I hear a little sound that lets me know that someone has updated their moment to moment existence on Twitter. I really have to work hard not to continually go and check to see what someone has written.

I'm not sure why I Twitter, in the same way that I'm not sure why I update my status on Facebook. Maybe it's a way to feel connected with a larger community as I work alone in my studio most of the time. I absolutely love hearing from some folks, and others I seem to ignore. What is it that draws me to some, and not others?

Hilary, of Designing Hilary - has an interesting perspective on Twitter - she writes that there are different takes on how to use Twitter effectively - some believe use it as a vehicle of self-promotion, and others think personal sharing is what brings people in. I know that I filter out many updates I receive and am more likely to read them when they are personal - in particular ones that focus my attention on what's current, whether on the news or in their lives. I am not wanting to know what someone had for breakfast, or that they have a dentist appointment today. I'm more a feeling oriented person and like knowing how they are feeling, what they are struggling with, needing a break from, wanting to focus on, new learnings, etc. That said, I also read posts that have to do with jewelry making, networking, marketing tips, new ideas for displays, etc. Most importantly it needs to connect to some part of my life. This virtual world I've created is full of wonderful people I likely will never meet, but feel that in some profound way they are known to me and I am known to them.

How cool is that?


  1. I was a bit Twitter-obsessed when I first started. I'd get online and scroll to where I had last posted and then read everything I'd missed. Now I feel there is far less interacting. I have followers who just want to post and not interact, I guess to just get whatever their word is, out there. Mostly I click on my @replies and see if there is anything for me (rarely) and move on. If I post a question, I almost never get a response. Definitely losing interest in the whole Twitter thing.

  2. Hi Terry !

    I haven't hit the twitter highway yet..not sure if I will because I feel like I spend too much time at the computer as it is. I do get the connection thing though..this virtual world makes me feel connected too - my blogland friends can be the only people I "talk" to all day when I am at home working alone. The exchanges are just as (if not often times more !) meaningful as the ones my husband has at his water cooler at work !

    Pretty cool that we can feel connected though we may never meet or see each other eye to eye...
    Hope you have a nice weekend !
    Cheers !

  3. I agree - Twitter can be really interesting or the most boring thing in the world - it all depends on when you check it.

    I've come up with some personal rules for twitting & following that I try to stick to.

    Fortunately my day job is on a computer, so I don't really have to make a special effort to Twitter.